Different Types of Cranes That Are Used

December 17, 2020 3:53 am


There are many kinds of cranes that have been used in different applications. The main types of cranes include the following: boom cranes, jib cranes, straight shaft cranes, pontoons and dock cranes, among many others. Each of these types of cranes has specific uses. For example, boom cranes are usually used when high loads are needed for reaching high places. However, they are mainly used to lift heavy objects. For more information on Jib Cranes, visit www.gmh.co.uk/jib-cranes/

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One of the most important types of crane is the jib crane. This is the most basic of all cranes. It is basically a screw crane with one mast on the bottom of the unit and a long boom on the top. It is mainly used to do light roofing and other general lifting jobs. Another type of crane is the tower crane, which is perhaps the most commonly used type of crane worldwide and is often seen on construction sites.

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Tower cranes have a long boom and a short stabilizer rod. It is capable of lifting loads that are two to five times its own weight. Some common types of telescopic cranes include; boom telescopic cranes, telescopic pole arms and screw-driven telescopic cranes. Some other types of cranes are hydraulic cranes, pneumatic cranes, vibratory cranes, vertical cranes, rotary cranes, and multistage cranes. As you can see, there are many different options for just about any type of lifting task that is required.