How does a pallet truck work?

October 6, 2021 4:47 am


A pallet truck is a perfect way of moving around pallets filled with products. Pallets themselves are an excellent way of storing products as they are incredibly sturdy and easy to store. They are used most commonly in warehouses, supermarkets, and certain industrial factories. They are built to the simple construction involving planks of strong thick planks of wood, secured with screws and nails. This is an extremely strong and robust way of storing products and keeping them off the floor which can help to protect them from damage.

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One of the other advantages of pallets is that they can be moved with relative ease. Although care must be taken, especially if the products are stacked particularly high, with the use of a set of Forklift and Pallet Trucks the stock can be moved quickly and efficiently. They can also be used to move the stored products perfectly onto trucks and other vehicles as needed for their delivery.

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Pallet Trucks work in a very simple way. They have two long, flat teeth which slot into the bottom of the pallet. Once the pallet truck is fully inserted the operator can manually pump the forks up using a hydraulic pressure system. If there is a heavy load an electrically powered pallet truck can fulfill this role. The pallet truck can be moved manually or, again, with the use of an assisted electric motor. The use of such devices revolutionised warehouse management and control. It  is hard to know where we would be without these handy little devices that are able to move such large amounts.