Do you know what pneumatic conveying is?

May 13, 2020 1:04 pm


Pneumatic conveying such as the ones available from is a way in which materials can be moved in bulk across manufacturing plants by using compressed air. This differs from vacuum systems where suction is used. But they both work on the same principle.

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You can find these systems in a variety of sizes depending on what your overall needs are. There are systems that are suitable for use in small labs as well as those that are much larger and can be used in vast manufacturing and industrial plants. A number of different products can be moved using this method whether large scale items that would be used in aggregates right through to smaller particles that you might find in the food or medical industries.

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The enclosed systems means that you can almost eliminate the possibility of contamination occurring and dust and other atmospheric particles can be prevented from mixing with the product or item that you are moving. Due to the capacity of the system you can have the pipe work setup over vast distances and moving between rooms in an industrial setting. This then reduces the need for employees to move items from one end of the factory to another which means a quicker and cheaper result for the business.