What Is Cross Contamination?

November 24, 2020 12:16 pm


Cross contamination is a health hazard especially in food environments. The bacteria that are found in such cross contamination can cause disease, damage to the human body and are known as pathogens. Cross contamination can happen to many types of materials that contain microorganisms and therefore, these materials can also be harmful to humans and animals. It is the process of mixing two different types of materials so that the organisms are introduced into one another, thus it is called cross contamination.

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Cross contamination can occur to several different types of equipment. This includes biological safety cabinets or other containment devices that are used for storing infectious pathogens and bacteria. These containment devices are also used for storing drugs, chemicals and any other hazardous material that are in high volume. Medical equipment is not exempt from this contamination. As the human body parts come in contact with this medical equipment, they can be contaminated, and this can also have harmful effects to the user of the equipment.

Cross contamination can also happen if there is any contact between animals and the food that people eat, as this is the main source of the cross contamination. For more information on improving your food business with a BRC Audit, visit MQM Consulting

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Cross contamination can also occur when two different food types come into contact with each other, such as raw meat or vegetables. This is why correct handling, hygiene and storage methods are essential to the operation of all food businesses.