Do you know what the affordable warmth grant is?

June 29, 2020 2:32 pm


We are at the start of some nice warm summer weather but before we realise it we will be moving into the colder parts of the year. There are some ways in which we can ensure that our homes are nice and warm including having our heating systems checked every year and having a Double Glazing Gloucester company fit double glazing as a minimum throughout our home.

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But what if you can’t afford this? This is where the government’s affordable warmth grant can help. It is designed for those in receipt of certain benefits to use the money to improve the energy efficiency and warmth of their homes and to help reduce the cost of their energy bills.

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The grants can be used for options such as having cavity wall insulation put into your home as well as insulation in your loft space and also for electric storage heaters and repairs and new installations for your boiler systems. This then means that you can focus on keeping the heat in your home with the double glazing you had installed and making sure there are no draughts from around your doors and window frames. You can check online to see whether you are eligible for this grant.