Animal Delivery Services

September 29, 2020 3:15 pm


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Now before we start we should say we aren’t talking about delivering puppies to your door! What we are talking about is animals that have been used in the past as a means to deliver items and people to different locations, much like the services of a Same Day Courier Bracknell company.


Donkey – most people in the UK will have seen a Donkey or two on the beach giving delighted children a ride down the waterfront. Donkeys are also still used in many countries as a way in which to carry items. This often includes bags for travellers and water and food that is carried from one location to another.

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Pigeon – used during the World Wars to deliver secret military messages. Unlike radio it was difficult to intercept these messages. They were given a small note that was then strapped into small tubes on their legs.


Horses – used by the Pony Express, horses have a long history in helping use to deliver items. GThe POny Express was the earliest form of delivery service with the men travelling long distances on horseback to deliver letters and messages to people across America.


Other animals have also been used as a way in which to carry people and these include camels and elephants. To ensure that the animals welfare is looked after there are many charities and organisations that look out for their wellbeing and help owners with vets bills where necessary.