How we got maths from the Greeks.

June 22, 2020 5:53 pm


It is sometimes hard to imagine that the modern world is still built on the work of some very clever Greek’s back in ancient times. Law, Philosophy, Science and Mathematics all start here and influence Western thinking for centuries. It is in the field of Mathematics that we have a lot to thank them for. Even the word Mathematics comes from the Greek to mean “subject to instruction”. It’s certainly something that Accountants Swindon based firm would understand and be able to use.

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The only trouble with ancient Greek Mathematics is that we have very little evidence how they used it or when and who discovered it. Some we definitely know such as Pythagoras with his triangles  and Archimedes with his ideas on Volume. However, there is very little written evidence of how they made the discoveries.

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Instead we have physical evidence as proof that they did understand how to use maths for building work. The ancient capital of the Minoan Civilisation Knossos on Crete is one such example. It is largely intact and you can still see the construction, drainage and irrigation systems for it. It is thought that the Babylonians and Egyptians were a big influence.