The evolving role of the receptionist

June 1, 2020 2:12 pm


Receptionists are key members of staff in many businesses. They are often the first people that a visitor will come into contact with. In the past receptionists would have been solely tasked with signing people into a building and notifying the member of staff they had come to visit of their arrival.

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Over the years this role has expanded dramatically and this visitor sign in role can now be undertaken by a Visitor Management System like the one from With this time consuming element of their job removed they can carry on with the many tasks that have now been incorporated into this role which can include:

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  • Answering the telephone
  • Responding to and forwarding on enquiry emails
  • Booking meeting rooms
  • Setting out meeting rooms for events
  • Providing visitor badges

With such a vast and varied amount of work to complete each day it is useful to have systems like digital sign in that allows your receptionists to focus on the tasks that can not be automated and it also helps to improve your customer service as people are not waiting for long periods of time whilst your receptionist is dealing with other queries.