The most amazing wardrobe ever

September 16, 2021 10:13 am


If you look at your average wardrobe it’s not really anything special. It’s usually plain, laminated chipboard, MDF or a softwood like pine. It does the job but it really doesn’t have the class or pizazz that you want from something that you store your clothes in. What can you do to get a practical yet stylish one?

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What you can do is go to a Fitted Wardrobes Dorset specialist like Lamco fitted wardrobes. They can look at the space that you have, discuss the style that you want and design it around the amount of clothing that you are looking to house within it. There is nothing that they cannot achieve. Rotating hangers?No problem. Storage of shoes? Not an issue. Need a way to display and store things like ties and costume jewellery, it can be done. Want to have a secret entrance out the back that leads to a magical fantasy world full of talking creatures like centaurs and fawns, a great big Noble Lion and an evil witch? Ahh, that might be a little bit tricky.

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Surely the greatest wardrobe ever is the one from The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe (the Wardrobe barely has much of a role to be in the title but it pulls its role off admirably). Apart from being the disguise for a portal to Narnia it actually does a good job of being a wardrobe. For example, it houses very useful fur coats (real and not fake, this was in the 1940’s after all). Perfect for if you want to wander around and avoid the Snow queen.