What can you have written on a headstone?

August 22, 2020 7:30 am


There are several rules and regulations as to what you can have on a headstone. You might want something you think witty or funny but remember that cemeteries and graveyards are solemn places for people to reflect in and so this might not be appropriate. For example, Spike Millgain always wanted “I told you I was I’ll!” on his gravestone. He got his wish but it is written in Gaelic. If you are having to look at Headstones have a word with Headstones from Abbey Memorials. They can advise you on what to have. Here are a few ground rules to get you started.

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The rule to remember is that you want something that is fitting and lasting. Plus the more wording that you use the more expensive the memorial will be. For the most part people are happy with the date and the birth of the person being interred. Don’t forget that this will last for decades. Many do choose to put a short message. For example, “In loving memory” is still considered a perfect saying. “Reunited” and “Together again” is popular for when a married or long term partnership are buried together.

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The local council and the memorialists will be able to give you advice. Nothing that is liable to give offence or to be seen as causing upset to others that use the place will be allowed. This is the same as the choice of images and decoration that you might want to include. Bear in mind above all else these are sombre places of reflection .