Post Pandemic Job Hunting – How to Increase your Chances of Success

July 29, 2021 5:26 pm


Looking for a job is something that can be stressful and worrying at times, and with so much doom and gloom in the news regarding the unemployment situation in the UK and the economical downturn it can be easy to lose hope.

But there are still plenty of opportunities out there, it all comes down to making sure that you make the most of finding them – if you are on a job hunt and not having much luck here are a few ways to improve your success when it comes to post pandemic job hunting…

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Contact companies directly don’t just wait for a job advert. This way you may be able to find opportunities and of course employers like the fact that people are proactive when it comes to searching for a job. Ring around send your CV out and get in touch with companies that you are interested in working for – it may be that they keep a record of your details for the future as well.

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Narrowing down your searches and looking in the right places is also important – if you are looking for a certain role or a certain industry, seek out an employment agency that specialises in that area for example, this procurement recruitment agency

Spread the word around family and friends and even social media – getting the word out there that you are searching for a job is a great way to potentially get one as the more people who hear this means that someone may have a vacancy or know someone who does.