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Where Father Ted was filmed

One of the most popular and enduring comedies is the sitcom Father Ted. It features the misadventures of three Roman Catholic priests in their parish of Craggy Island. It was

Dust mites can cause your allergies

Image credit   It is common for us to think that dust is the many culprit of our sneezing and coughing and in some cases allergies for those who are

What was the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was also known as The First Industrial revolution and is a period that covered the years of about 1790 to at least sometime between about 1820 and

Animal Delivery Services

Image credit   Now before we start we should say we aren’t talking about delivering puppies to your door! What we are talking about is animals that have been used

When something goes bump in the night

Image credit   As you lie down to go to sleep at night do you hear things? I don’t mean the sounds of the street outside or a nearby Motorway,

What was the Garden of Eden like?

Image credit   The Garden of Eden is a biblical location. It's where the first Humans Adam and Eve lived and wandered and were even able to chat to God.

How to Ensure Your Shipping Stays Secure

Shipping companies and even the most seasoned freight shippers will tell you that when it comes to securing your cargo, shipping security is their number one priority. But how do

Safe property viewing guidelines for vendors and buyers

The lockdown has finally eased, and the real estate market is in full swing once again. Agents are all over the place taking photos and videos in an attempt to