Is it suits for both Men’s and Women’s clothing?

June 10, 2021 4:46 pm


The long tradition of men’s evening and business suit pants as the staple of menswear is something that is still very much in place, despite the fact that suits are now being worn for almost any other occasion. Men’s suits are generally easier to walk out of the store with than what Women get to choose and they are also usually less expensive than many dresses. You only have to look at the options from menswear Ireland  specialists EJ Menswear.

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Put simply the suit is know for everyone.  To has stopped being just the domain of the male. Many civil partnerships and marriages are now conducted with one of the genders dressed in a suit taking on the groom role. In the media there are some notable examples. Rory Gilmore’s appearance as her Grandfather’s Best man for example and pictured above. However the sculpted male suit is still mainly for men whereas the pantsuit is designed for the female.

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It is these underlying factors that have helped to make men’s fashion more mainstream than ever before, with less of a focus on individual trends and more on mass produced fashion items. But perhaps it is the anonymity of the wearer that lends the brand such longevity, as no one would question whether or not the suit they were wearing was tailored to their body. This has led to the rise in the number of menswear retailers, with a greater range of brands and more technical expertise in fabric and cut.