Reasons for Hiring a Private Detective

December 10, 2020 1:14 pm


There are many private detectives in the UK such as this private detective London based company ISG Investigations. The job role of a private detective is surprisingly diverse, and they have a wide range of skills which can be applied to many situations. Here are a few common reasons for hiring a private detective…

Marriage Infidelity – A person who has suspicions of a cheating spouse may well use the services of a private detective to get the information that they require. This enables them to get closure on the situation, as well as providing evidence if the marriage ends in divorce from the resulting infidelity.

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Insurance Fraud – There are many unscrupulous people who try to make money from fraudulent insurance claims, and one thing that private detectives can do is look into this and find out if it is really what they say it is. Whether they have falsified details of a car accident or an accident at work in order to claim insurance money, it is common practice for an insurance company with suspicions to ask a private detective to assist with this.

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Problems Within Businesses – It is also common for a business to use the services of a private detective – for example, they may suspect that an employee does not have a genuine illness, or they have noticed money is going missing and want to find out which of their employees is the culprit. The detective will then be able to provide evidence which the company can use to dismiss the person, and if necessary, report them to the police.