What coins did the Pirates want the most?

June 29, 2020 2:34 pm

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As they sailed the seven seas and terrorised the Spanish Main, there was one coin that they wanted to get their hands on the most. These were the famous gold doubloons. Pirates had their own currency. When they sauntered into the godforsaken port of Tortuga they had sin and mischief on their mind. Regular pound sterling wouldn’t cut it.  They needed to pay with the doubloons for whatever illicit fun they were after.

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The doubloon is basically another name for the equally notorious “pieces of eight”, as made famous by Long John Silver’s Parrot constantly going on about it. Getting hold of one of these coins is certainly of interest to the Coin Valuers UK based firm https://www.gmcoins.co.uk/. Doubloons menas “doblon de a ocho” and the eight part refers to the fact that one was worth eight Spanish escudos.

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Spain was becoming rich from the gold it had discovered in Mexico after defeating the Aztecs. This was a tempting target for the Pirates who were determined to take this for themselves. By the way, what’s the difference between a Pirate and Buccaneer? A Buccaneer was a Pirate that was working for the British to try and stop the Spanish Gold. One of the best was Sir Francis Drake.