What Mobility Equipment is Suitable For Teenagers?

May 28, 2022 6:16 am


When considering mobility aids for teens, it’s all about maximum independence. Adolescents with disabilities will probably need a wheelchair and access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle. A power wheelchair user will likely need a van with a wheelchair lift, as opposed to a vehicle with a mechanical ramp and 4-point tie-down restraints. A powered wheelchair lift allows the user to be fully independent while travelling, and a docking wheelchair tie-down system automatically ties down the wheelchair when driven into place.

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The first step is to determine what insurance covers and how to pay for the equipment. Medical equipment that is approved by the insurer must be purchased through a certified provider. The provider will also explain the differences between the different types of equipment and the special features of each item.

There is a vast array of aids available depending on whether the mobility issue is temporary or permanent. Temporary issues following surgery, for example, will often be provided with loaned equipment from a hospital or charity. Find out more about items to help around the home with bathing and access such as Walking Aids at a site like Ability Superstore

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A powered wheelchair is designed for long-distance travel. It allows the child to conserve energy while navigating busy areas. Manual wheelchairs should include certain features. In addition to a power chair, a manual wheelchair should come with a backrest, seat belts, and a seat. When shopping for a wheelchair, choose one that is lightweight, easy to store, and comfortable for the user. Then, choose a wheelchair with easy-to-operate features.