Choosing Oak Feather Edge Cladding

July 1, 2021 3:36 pm


Oak feather edge cladding, like that from Timberpride has a great many advantages over the use of any other timber. It’s easy to maintain and repainted if cracked, and it will not warp or change colour in the long run. Unlike some other types of cladding materials, this one can be cut to fit virtually any size roof. You can choose from flat roofing styles to pitched roofs, so that you can add a whole roof onto an existing structure without any additional work required by the professional. If your existing roof isn’t stable and you’re not going to be raising and lowering the gables on a frequent basis, then this is ideal.

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A major benefit of oak feather edge cladding is that it adds very little extra cost to the project, in terms of labour costs, tiles or brick. It is commonly known as tongue and grooved profiled cladding. This is because the slats are installed very close to the edge of the roof surface, without overlapping. The slats tend to be narrower than conventional timber cladding, so they sit flush against the roof edge. Because of the close fit, you won’t need any nails or screws to install it, and the installation is quick and straightforward.

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Another major plus for oak feather edge cladding is that it looks great. Unlike some other tiles that have a look of sawdust mixed with the wood, these pieces are made up of individual strips that give a natural and elegant look to the roof. You can choose different colouring and texture for the strips, and if you want to match the colours of the strips to the rest of your home, you can do so easily with a couple of coats of paint. The fact that there’s no gluing involved means that you don’t need to worry about problems with rotting, and the fact that the installation is so quick and easy means that you don’t have to worry about the hassle and mess of having to do all the messy work yourself.