How to Make Sure your Home is at it’s Best for Selling

July 1, 2021 3:34 pm


Getting your home ready to be viewed by potential buyers is important – it could be the difference between getting a few thousand more for your home, and also could mean you get a quicker sale. If you have decided to sell up and move on, here are some tips on how to make sure that your home is showing its best side and appealing to buyers…

Remember that the first impressions that people will get of your house is the photos on the estate agents website, so make sure that your home looks great on the photos. Painting all of your walls in a light, neutral colour will instantly make it look brighter and more airy, and also bigger.

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Pay attention to the garden – it doesn’t have to look like something from the Chelsea flower show but make sure that it is tidy, the lawn is mowed and that it looks neat and presentable.

Dirty carpets and flooring are something that can be instantly off-putting to buyers, so have a professional come in and give the floors throughout a really good thorough clean up.

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Finishing touches make all the difference – things like these Skylantern Lantern Blinds Gloucestershire Blinds Shop Laskeys provide can look great, as well as making sure that homely touches like cushions on beds and pleasantly scented candles are around the home make a big difference.