Problems with downlights

June 25, 2020 3:03 pm

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Downlights are hugely popular in all different types of contemporary housing. However, this chic contemporary appeal for clean lines could be a trend that means unexpected issues.

Downlights can act as a weak link in the fight to control levels of heat, circulation of warm air and humidity in our homes. For a solution, consider Downlight Covers from a site like Thermahood, suppliers of Downlight Covers

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Normally, around 20% of the air entering the property passes through the roof, which ups the risk of condensation developing and lowering the roof’s energy efficiency.

The ceiling has a small gap, for example around the roof hatch which provides a route for air to flow between the living space and up into the roof space.

There are also areas where air flow is more complex: for example, through the wall cavity and behind the layer system. The heat and moisture generated by normal household activity in occupied spaces in homes below the ceiling, raises the temperature of the outside ambient conditions. Some of this heat and humidity leaves the building and passes through the ceiling to the roof through a mixture of diffusion, conduction and air circulation.

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In cold climates this movement adds to the movement of air and a significant loss of the warmth of the home, creating further issues of condensation in the roof. Reducing the flow of air lost via the ceiling as far as is practical will help save energy as well as lower the condensation risk. Even in warm climates, a variety of sources in the home can increase the overall moisture content in the internal air: bathing, cooking, washing machines, clothes drying, and non-flued gas heaters all produce water vapour.