The making of a Park Home

April 26, 2021 6:23 pm


Park homes are often manufactured by constructors who build small, single-wide trailers. Although these trailers aren’t usually larger than three or four rooms, they can be wide enough to accommodate a home of any size. Manufacturers who make these trailers use a single-wide trailer system, which allows them to make large single-wide trailers that are suitable for park homes. Park Home Life is brilliant and you should take a look at Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire.

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Park homes made this way generally have rooms that have an extra bathroom built into them, although this feature may be something that you’ll want to look into when looking at different kinds of park homes. The factory-built homes on the other hand, will generally come standard with living room, bedrooms and kitchen Diner,  although you should be able to upgrade in some cases to add on extras.

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They utilise a variety of materials that are robust enough to take the Great British weather and what it’s seasons throw at it. You can be sure that the trailer system will securely hold the property in place so that if the winds pick up the Park home is most definitely going anywhere. The main construction material is Aluminum. This light weight metal is forged into reinforced sheets and then bolted together in a secure manner.  The beauty of aluminum is that it is heat and rust resilient even on its own merits. However when it is also treated in specialist paint and treatments this becomes an even better protection. Don’t take our word for it take a look at AUTHOR for some great examples.