Top tips to speed up the conveyancing process

October 15, 2021 11:41 am


When buying a property, no one ever sets out with a determination to make conveyancing last as long as possible. Delays can happen but there are ways to make sure the steps follow each other as smoothly and rapidly as possible.

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Checking the paperwork

Once you have appointed a conveyancer, they then have the task of checking all the legal documents and other paperwork that needs to be in order before the exchange of contracts and the sale of a property is completed. They will also do searches to find out if there are any issues which could affect the value of your investment. Searches can take some time but it is important to complete these as they may uncover important information.

It may not be possible to speed up the searches a great deal, but there are aspects of the process you do have more control over. It’s always a good idea to be organised and respond to any requests for information as soon as possible. Keep all documents relating to the property in one, easily accessible place. Make sure any requests to verify ID or documents are taken care of quickly. You don’t want to hold things up by putting an important document that needs attention in a drawer and forgetting about it.

Dealing with challenges

If your conveyancer finds information which might be problematic, the best idea is to respond quickly, asking for advice and further information where necessary. Depending on what is discovered, it may be that you have to approach the seller for clarification or even to renegotiate some aspect of the sale or the price of the property. Whatever happens, good communication will help you get through any issues as rapidly as possible.

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Before you begin the conveyancing process, it is important to understand what your conveyancer needs from you, the scope of their actions on your behalf and what their fee structure is. According to this report in The Telegraph the pandemic and stamp duty holiday has increased workloads and in some cases prices, so it’s vital to be clear on exactly what is expected before work begins. It could be worth consulting a reputable source such as for guidelines before you confirm your choice of conveyancer.

Buying or selling a property is an exciting time and often the beginning of a new era. Selecting a conveyancer who can be trusted to carry out work diligently on your behalf will reduce worry and stress and leave you more time to focus on the more interesting aspects of this new phase of your life.