What does a locksmith do?

September 4, 2020 5:05 pm


When it comes to all things locks based you can be sure that a Locksmith Dublin way knows a thing or two about how the mechanisms work. In fact Dublin locksmiths Locksafe are go to professionals for people looking to change their window and door locks as well as helping those individuals locked out of their homes in an emergency.

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But, have you ever wondered what a locksmith actually does?


Locksmiths work with virtually any type of locking mechanism from those that you find on your uPVC windows and doors, right through to vehicle locks and even padlocks. They are skills tradesmen and women who can fit, repair and open a number of different locks. These could be domestic locks or commercial ones.


As well as fitting locks for people and businesses a locksmith is the first port of call for people who are having problems with their locking mechanism. This could be routine repair work that is needed or in some cases this can be emergency work that sees jammed keys and locks removed from the mechanisms and access to the properties gained again.

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You can also consult with a locksmith to discuss the best security options for your home or place of work and in some cases they can also help with boarding up properties that have been broken into whilst waiting for new locks to be installed.