UFO Stories and Strange Goings on From a Small Market Town in Yorkshire

January 28, 2022 2:04 pm


Yorkshire is a county that has many associations – from the best cups of tea in the country to a love of cricket. It is also a place that combines the modern with the historic – from modern industries like this web design Yorkshire based company Etempa, to ancient buildings and structures such as Selby Abbey.

This is a county that appeals to visitors too, with beautiful beaches and expanses of rolling countryside. However, there are also many spooky tales from this very countryside which may leave your hair standing on end.

Many close encounters with extra-terrestrials are linked to the county of Yorkshire, and in particular the market town of Todmorden, and it does seem that beings from other worlds are attracted to this part of the world – here are just a few of the stories on this subject…

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The first story starts on 6th June 1980. A local coal miner left his west Yorkshire home to go to the shops. He was then not seen for days. A few days later on 9th June, the man’s body was discovered on top of a huge coal pile over 20 miles from his home. The policeman who was investigating this bizarre situation noticed several strange things about it – the fact that he had only around one day’s growth of a beard, despite the amount of time that had passed since he went missing, as well as some strange burns that were on his head and neck area. To this day, the cause of the death of the man has not been explained.

In a stranger twist again, the policeman that investigated this first incident, PC Godfrey was once again a witness to some strange goings on. Whilst driving to investigate escaped cattle, he spotted a strange light in the sky in front. He went to radio this through to the station, but his radio was dead. He then suddenly found that he was further along the road and that the ground was dry, despite the fact it had recently rained. Upon checking the time, he also noticed that 25 minutes had elapsed – with no explanation.

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The area is known by the locals to be a place where many UFO encounters happen regularly. Some have even dubbed it UFO alley. The policeman who had the encounter with the craft was ridiculed and warned by the police but maintains to this day that what he saw was real. Indeed, even now many people report these sorts of events in the area – it was only a year later that a lady walking with her grandad and dog spotted some strange lights in the sky. She described it as a long diamond shape, however her grandad feared the ridicule that the policeman had received so they kept it to themselves for many years.