How Stretching Helps Prevent Muscle Strains

February 26, 2021 4:32 am


Many people often ask if stretching before and after a workout can help prevent muscle strains. The answer is a resounding yes! Stretching before and after a workout will help your muscles recover faster from the workout. In fact, it is very important to stretch out your muscles after a workout because they need time to heal. You should also stretch out your body to give it time to recuperate and to keep it flexible and less likely to injury.

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How stretching helps prevent injury is that it helps prevent micro-tears in the muscle tissue. This happens when small tears in a muscle occur. These tears are not very deep and are caused by stress. By stretching these muscles out before and after a workout you are stretching out the muscle tissue so it is less stressed and less likely to tear. If you don’t already stretch before and after you may want to start with some low level stretches to get your body used to the benefits of good stretching. It is important that if you have lower mobility levels and use the services of a Live in Care Gloucester company such as

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Besides keeping your body limber and ready for exercise, stretching is also great to relieve minor injuries. Some common minor injuries include tennis elbow (on the outer side of your elbow just above the tendon), bursitis (a painful condition where tendons or bursae become inflamed due to overuse or injury), plantar fasciitis (a painful condition where a painful area on the bottom of the foot flares up into the shoe), and shin splints (a painful condition where muscles on the inner aspect of the shin rub against each other). These painful conditions can be prevented by stretching your muscles before and after your workout. These stretches will help to keep the muscles loose and allow for easier movement. Stretching helps to prevent injury as well as helping to improve performance.