The rules and regulations of playing in a Netball match

April 6, 2020 1:53 pm


The rules and regulations of playing in a Netball match

Netball is a game that has some similarities as well as some major differences to the game of basketball. It is played with a team of players who all play a specific role in the match, with the aim being to pass the ball down to the opposing teams end of the court before shooting and scoring a goal by shooting the ball through the basket.

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As well as making sure that they are aware of the rules and regulations governing the matches you will find that players will spend time enhancing their playing skills and general fitness.

There are some key rules and regulations that cover game play, and these include:

  • Offside – much like many other games including football there is an offside rule in the game of Netball. This is clearly defined in the games as a player cannot enter an area of the court that is not specific designated for their playing position and this applies regardless of whether or not they have the ball in their hands. If a player is deemed to be offside the opposition is given a free pass.


  • Obstruction – if as a player you are trying to defend or intercept the ball you must be at least 0.9 metres or 3 feet away from the player who currently has the ball measured from their landing foot. If jumping to prevent the ball being shot on target or passed to another player, you must ensure that when you land you do not end up closer that the regulation length to the opposing player with the ball.


  • Footwork – the footwork used by each of the players is very specific in how it must be carried out. If the following is not adhered to the opposing team will be issued a free pass. A player may jump to catch the ball and land on two feet simultaneously, following on from this they may take one step in any direction and pivot on the spot. The other movement option available is to land on one foot only, in this case this foot cannot be moved other than to pivot on the floor, with the other foot then being able to take one step in any direction.

There are many other rules to consider but the three above are the key ones to consider during game play.