Checking your storage systems regularly

June 15, 2020 4:46 pm


The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 sets out what an employer is required to do, under

law, to keep employees and the workplace a safe environment. While some elements of the

Act are mandatory, others are for guidance only and to help employers adopt best practice.

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If you’re in a supervisory or management position within a storage or warehouse facility, the

Health and Safety Executive provides a wealth of information about how to operate your

premises safely, as well as your responsibilities in law.

Storage equipment inspections are a mandatory element of the legislation. But what do these inspections entail and why are they important?

Inspections ensure that your storage equipment is fit for purpose. Over time, like any

equipment, it can be subject to wear and tear, which can mean it becomes unsafe. Think of it

like an MOT for your racking and storage systems.

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As well as highlighting any potential issues with equipment, the inspection will also draw

attention to any training that may be required, or advisable, for your operatives such as how to safely get the Briggs And Stratton Parts from you store off the shelves and ready for customer dispatch. Or how to safely use a forklift.