What are the applications and benefits of bending machines?

September 1, 2020 2:43 pm


A bending machine’s main purpose is to assemble the bends on a workpiece, similar to a forming machine tool. Linear and rotating moves are used to create a bend. These machines are long-lasting, fast, economic and great for bending reinforcement bars.

What are the applications and benefits of bending machines

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They can be used for many types of bars, such as round bars or busbar bars. They can also be known as round machines. Production capacity is high, and they are essential equipment for any steelyard.

The machines are easy to use and there are no prerequisite skills. In addition to a high production rate, there are many other benefits.

Benefits of using a bending machine

-High precision
-Improves busbar processing results
-Executes several actions and can be used as a busbar cutting machine, busbar punching machine and busbar bend machine
-Can punch round, oblong, and other holes
-Useful for slotting, round cornering, embossing, and shearing
-Uses high-precision ball screws plus linear guides
-At maximum capacity, they still have high precision and can manage rapid production
-The machines are extremely accurate and easy to operate
-A high level of automation, so does not require advanced skill to operate
-Can produce the perfect cut or bend without maintenance.

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Applications of a bending machine

Automotive companies and suppliers used to employ a manual process to bend brake lines and fuel lines. There were some disadvantages to this, and it also required highly skilled operators.

Now, a machine such as https://www.cotswold-machinery-sales.co.uk/ehrt/bending-machines/ is used:

-To produce vineyard accessories, agricultural springs, and tractor parts in the agriculture industry
-For decoration lamps, bottle holders and chair frames in the furniture industry
-In the furniture industry for muffler hangers with end forming units, head and collar or single head, headrest frames, tank floats, bonnet rods, and child seat hooks
-In the railway industry, such as for railway clips
-The construction industry uses bending machines for scaffolding safety hooks, ceiling hooks and framework concrete
-For producing barbecue accessories, refrigerator accessories, dishwasher accessories, oven grills, iron holders for axis and cooling coils
-Display materials can be produced with a bending machine, such as postcard support and other types of display support material.
-It is useful for many types of hooks and pins produced in the fastening industry.
-The gardening industry uses these machines for gas-lever lawn mowers, mower levers and wire planters.