The turquoise blue, crystal clear waters of the Seychelles Islands

May 27, 2020 2:09 pm


The Seychelles is a group of one hundred and fifteen small Islands located in the Indian Ocean on the Eastern side of the Somali Sea. Victoria is The Capital City of the Seychelles and has a fairly small population of roughly, ninety-four thousand inhabitants.  Situated just south of The Equator in the Indian Ocean the tropical climate is certainly conducive to a healthy outdoor lifestyle.  However, protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the tropical sun is essential so make sure you cover up with a high-factor, good quality sun cream, a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Offices and other working environments also have to protect their employees and equipment from the suns harmful rays and companies such as can provide specialist building window shades like Brise Soleil to solve any sunlight issues.

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With an average all year-round temperature of approximately 27 degrees C and rarely falling below 24 degrees C the weather in the Seychelles is perfect for spending days on the beach or exploring all the surrounding Islands.  Known as an Archipelago or chain, the beautiful, secluded Islands were thought to have been “The garden of Eden” when first discovered by early explorers. The land was so fertile, with tall, lush green palm trees and soft, golden sand surrounded by the clear, turquoise blue seas it’s no surprise they thought they were in paradise.

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With several of the Islands being sparsely populated the Seychelles provides; peace, tranquillity, beauty, freedom and a place to relax and enjoy the solitude and bounty of these Paradise Islands.