How we generate electricity.

June 2, 2020 1:38 pm


How does the electricity in your home become generated? Electricity comes to our home via the national grid. This is the pylons that you see set around the countryside bringing the power to terminals in your local area that then distribute it into the home. This is done using either overland, or the much safer, underground cable system. Your Electric Meter box like the ones from  then records the amount that you use.

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This power is generated via a turbine. As the turbine turns it generates the power that then enters the grid. However, how you get the turbine to turn is the key to the power getting to you. Steam is used to create the pressure to turn it. This means burning something to generate the heat to boil the water. We do this in a variety of ways.

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  1. Coal was the primary source. The miners would get it from South Wales and the North. However it adds to global warming and is a fossil fuel (although there is reckoned to be 400 years worth still in Wales alone).
  2. Nuclear power.
  3. Oil. Not the most environmentally friendly and running out quicker than coal.
  4. Hydroelectric. Turbines are fitted into Dams. As the water flows it turns the turbine. Whilst this seems the greener option Dams cause damage to habitat and landscape.
  5. Windmills. Each Windmill has a turbine that turns as the wind rotates the blades. However,  you need a huge amount (at the moment) to generate any decent power levels.