Sharing your business personality

May 11, 2020 3:13 pm


When it comes to showcasing your business many business owners often focus on the products and services that they supply and often neglect to let the personality of the business and those that work there shine through. It is true that ‘People buy from people’ and that in some cases individuals will pay more for an item if it means they will get better services and feel they have been treated like an individual.

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There are some ways in which you can let your business personality be shown without losing sight of your main goals.

Office space – in your office space you can have artwork commissioned that reflects your work sector. This works particularly well for creative agencies. You can also make the most of the Reception Chairs that you have and add a bespoke cushion to each Reception chair that maybe has a quote or a phrase that fits in with your business. If you are a group that likes to take part in team building exercises why not have some pictures on display of your team days out?

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Staffing – allowing your staff to wear clothes that reflect their personality into work can be great, again for those in creative agencies this works particularly well. Of course you will need to put some guidelines into place so that the clothing they wear is still professional and appropriate.