“Take out some Insurance” a hit song by The Beatles

June 16, 2020 1:02 pm


Originally recorded by successful Blues singer “Jimmy Reed” back in 1959 the song “Take out some Insurance” was re-released as a “B” side to “Ain’t She Sweet” by The Beatles on the 24th May 1964.  They transformed the Blues style song into a Rock anthem and after originally being mis-named “If you Love me baby” and not getting any positive attention they changed their Title to the original and the song became popular in England in 1967. The chorus of the song contains the words; “Take out some Insurance on me baby. Take out some Insurance on me baby.  Well, if you ever, ever say goodbye.  I’m gonna go right home and die”.  Life assurance or Insurance of any kind is provided by professional companies and should be taken out to protect from accidents or death.

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With Tony Sheridan on lead vocals, George Harrison on lead guitar, John Lennon on Rhythm guitar, Paul McCartney on Bass guitar and Pete Best on the drums the Beatles enjoyed a string of popular hit songs.  The Record label Polydor Records worked with the “Fabulous Four” and they soon became a World Wide singing sensation.

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Tony and The Beatles first sang this song, written by “Charles Singleton” at the “Top Ten Club” in Hamburg Germany on the 22nd of June 1961.  It was also recorded there and produced by “Bert Kaempfert” for Polydor Records and then released when The Beatles became popular.