The quest of Sonny in I, Robot

April 28, 2020 2:08 pm


Image a world where Robots, humanoid Robots, do all the work that we can’t be bothered to do or is too dangerous. All cleaning, maintenance, retail and building work would be carried out by these mechanised servants. What this means for us and what the people employed in this sector will do after all their jobs have gone is one thing that is ignored by the film I, Robot. Instead it focuses in favour of a murky plot regarding one of the new  generation of Robots, Sonny, becoming more human by having dreams and being made of tougher material.

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Sonny is made by the murdered head of the Robotics company, Alfred Lanning. Lanning is dismayed that the supercomputer running the company wants to use the robots to take over the world. It;s pretty obvious at this point that if the leaders of the Robotics company had used BIM Technology like the one provided by Bimtech they wouldn’t have run into all the trouble that they did.

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The only way to get rid of the troublesome super computer is to deliver some nanobots straight into the middle of it. These were created by Lanning to destroy all electronic life. As he is built differently Sonny is the only Robot that can get them from the Lab.