What to Pack for University

March 27, 2021 4:05 am


It can be a very scary time for a student going off to university, because they have no idea what to expect when they arrive, how they are going to fend for themselves and whether they are going to make friends with their housemates in the Student Accommodation Cheltenham they have from companies like Your perfect Pad.

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Packing for university can be very different than packing for any other trip as you are effectively moving the contents of your bedroom at home, over to your student accommodation for a large portion of the year. Often you will find that furniture comes with your accommodation so you won’t have to worry about taking these with you. There are however many key items that you will need to take with you.

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Bedding is one such item. You will need to take a quilt, quilt covers and pillow cases with you. You also might want to look at taking some blankets as well so that you have something you can snuggle up into when you are studying in the evenings.

Computer equipment should be the next thing on your list and where possible take a laptop with you so that you can complete your studying and your assignments in your accommodation rather than needing to use one of the shared computers in the university or college learning centre.

Kitchen items such as pots and panes, plates and cutlery are also important as you might want to sue your own utensils for cooking, rather than sharing them with the rest of your housemates.

There are many more items that you will need and want to take with you, but the above three are some of the most important ones to remember.