You can’t trust a  Star trek teleporter

May 7, 2020 6:11 pm


Star Trek is science fiction and some of it really does test the suspension of disbelief to the limit. For example warp drive, human beings just cannot go that fast without being turned into goo. Now, you can argue that the starship will need to protect the people inside via it’s hull, whatever that is made from, plus the devices, like the Heisenberg compensator that sorts out magnetic fields or something but there is one invention that totally defies logic and sense. We are talking about the teleporter.

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It’s commonplace in the Original Series and the Next Generation, in fact they rely on it totally. It’s not the case in Enterprise. They are deeply unsure of the system and with good reason. If you asked Captain Archer and the crew they’d sooner use a Same Day Courier Slough based company like than this dodgy new gizmo.

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Why is it improbable? Easy, everytime you use it you basically destroy yourself and/or the thing that you want to move. How it works is by dissembling every cell in your body, sending it through space and solid objects where it reforms you at the chosen point.  Get any of that wrong and you could end up with your arm where your leg is. Would you want to take that risk?