4 Best Android Apps for Business People

March 23, 2022 1:00 pm


For the past two years, businesspeople have been clamoring for Android devices and it could be a good time to check about what Android can do for enterprises. With so many apps in the Android Market nowadays, determining the cream of the crop won’t be easy. Even so, these are four of the best apps that business users shouldn’t do without on their mobile phones sold by businesses like King Communications who are a Vodafone store near me.

Scan2PDF Mobile

It allows you to scan a paper document with the phone’s camera and convert it to PDF file. As long as you’ve a decent camera and decent lighting, you can turn your phone into a scanner and fax all at once. The camera output can be enhanced and converted into a PDF file with acceptable quality, which can be emailed to your co-workers. A free demo is available in the Android market and with just £14.99, you can have a portable scanner and fax in your pocket.

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Google Voice

For business people, it could be handy to get quick number consolidation, voicemail transcription and text notification. It’s one of Google’s offerings, which should make you convinced about its usability and overall quality. The competing apps may also be similarly useful, but Google Voice is free.

Recordroid Dictaphone

The app can turn your Android phone into a Dictaphone, to record voice and sound. It also allows you to create notes and send them via email. The recording location can be saved and viewed on the map. You can download the Lite version in the Android Market for free, while the full version is £1.99.

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You can remotely control your laptop with an Android phone, making it easier to run presentations and movies from across the room. It has common remote-control functionality such as play, pause, voice control and rewind. An intuitive browser lets you choose files you want to play. You can download it for free on the Android Market.