How to tell your business story

May 27, 2020 4:40 pm


Telling your business story can be an important part of your marketing strategy and help you to build your brand. A Brand Design Agency will talk you through all elements of your branding including your unique selling points and how your business came to be, where you want it to go and what makes you different. This can then all form a part of your business story.

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Here are some tips on telling your story in the most effective way.

The groundwork

It is important that you consider a number of key elements before you embark on telling your business story. For example, who is going to tell the story and how are they going to do it? Will you share it as a blog on your website, in the about us section or perhaps via an online video? Why are you telling the story, is it sharing your success, explaining why you are in business or to impart knowledge?

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Authenticity matters

It is important that you are authentic in your story. No over embellishing. Part of the reason you are sharing your story is to build trust and if people feel you aren’t being honest, or worse find out later on that you have fabricated parts of your story this will lead to them moving away from your business and you could end up with loyal customers feeling like they have been lied to.

Outcome and action

You want to leave your customers with something at the end of your story. Whether it is an uplifting message that anyone can triumph in the face of adversity or that your brand will be following an ecofriendly path in a bid to help the planet, you need to clearly convey this to help build interest in your business brand.