Social media giants slammed for hosting migrant crossing adverts

December 23, 2020 3:36 am


Social media is known for having its positives and negatives in every way, including when it comes to important political, social and economic issues. The various matters surrounding migrants coming to the UK is one area that social media has had an impact on, with Immigration Minister Chris Philp branding some of this behaviour morally reprehensible.

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Social media’s impact

Certain social media sites have been hosting advertisements made specifically to appeal to migrants in an attempt to make money from trafficking these people across the English Channel. Mr Philp’s condemnation of these adverts is absolutely justified, as these social media platforms are clearly paving the way for some of the most vulnerable people to be marketed to by criminals for financial gain.

There are other problems with regard to migrants when it comes to social media, such as the refusal of some social media platforms to remove the posts that migrant traffickers use to organise their illegal crossings.

Philps states in an article in the Mirror that social media companies often “hide behind procedure and policy”, which is very much true; however, the issue also stems from the sheer size of these social media giants. It is almost impossible for content to be thoroughly moderated and regulated when new material is being uploaded by thousands of people every second of every day.

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What is the solution?

There are many different ways you can build and manage a website, such as by using a specialist service provided by a company such as It would seem that at least some of the larger companies need to start managing their content in a more intricate fashion to stop traffickers and criminals advertising their services to migrants whose desperation may lead them to accept such offers.

It is always tricky for larger companies when it comes to their social media and website due to the scale of the content. Lots of unsavoury content can slip through the cracks; however, when it comes to advertising that could possibly lead to human suffering, discontent or even loss of life, extra effort and contingencies need to be put in place.

No matter what the cost, no matter how much time it would take and no matter how much effort would need to be exerted, this is imperative for all social media giants.