The Different Kinds Of Rubber Moulding UK

April 19, 2021 1:45 pm


Rubber moulding in the UK is a term used to refer to a number of processes that involve the production of plastic products. The term is widely used because the process of manufacturing has changed over the years. Today rubber moulding UK is used to refer to any and all processes that involve the molding of plastic and rubber material. These processes are very important for those industries that need to be able to create a large number of different items ranging from packaging, cushions, buttons, doorstops, and even small pieces of furniture.

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There are two main types of moulding that are commonly used in the UK. The first is the injection moulding system. In this system molten plastic material is forced under high pressure through a mould in order to create a solid piece. While injection moulding requires a large production run time, it is often used on pieces of furniture and other items that need to be created quickly and on a large scale.

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The other major type of rubber moulding UK, such as the ones from Meadex is the cold foam forming system. This is often used on pieces of construction equipment that are not mobile and that need to be durable against wear and tear. It is also commonly used on products that are high priced and that many people want to be sure they will last for a long period of time such as cars and office furniture. Cold foam moulding UK is also used in the automotive industry where highly specialised vehicles have to be made with material that won’t rust or corrode.