Types Of Shelving to Know about

April 9, 2021 4:21 am


A shelving unit is basically a flat, rectangular plane that is usually placed on the floor or other surface that is used to hold things that are being stored, displayed, or sold for sale. It is usually supported or secured on its longer side by adjustable brackets and is elevated off of the floor by wooden poles. It may also be held up with permanent pillars or even columns.

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Many people use pallet rack shelving or bin shelving in their storage rooms to store boxes and barrels that may be kept there permanently. Other uses include under the counter refrigerators, kitchen pantries, and even outdoor buildings such as garages and workshops. They are very popular in restaurants because of their ability to keep products at a distance from the cooking area without having them get spilled on the floor. They are also a great way to store cold items such as ice, meats, frozen foods, and milk. It is important to get the right shelving from Rackzone that will work for your needs.

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Metal industrial shelving is a durable type of material that can support heavy weight products as well as take the abuse of a heavy load of products that are stacked on top of it. This type of shelving is often preferred over wooden shelving because of its security, since it does not break or splinter due to different types of falls. It may be mounted on steel framing to provide better stability, and it comes in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Some racks are designed to meet specific needs, such as holding telephones or long cables.