What to wear to an interview

November 9, 2020 2:19 pm


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Interviews can be incredibly stressful, especially if you really want the job that you are being interviewed for. They are often littered with questions about your past experience and qualifications as well as questions based around why you want the job and where you see yourself in the future. It can be difficult to find a way of sounding genuine and not too scripted in your answers. Whilst is is possible to prepare for an interview by making sure that you have researched the company that you have applied to work for and have some questions for the interview panel ready to ask, one of the best ways to prepare for the day is to get yourself an outfit that will reflect your personality, professionalism and that you feel comfortable in.

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You should dress smartly in a tailored pair of trousers and a nice shirt. If you are comfortable wearing a jacket and the job that you are applying for is formal enough to warrant this you might want to add a jacket to your outfit. Showing off some of your personality in your outfit will allow the people that are interviewing you to get an indication of who you are and a good way of doing this is through your choice of clothing. Calvin Klein Menswear like the options available from EJ Menswear is a great place you start. If you like a bit of colour in your clothing, think of adding a coloured or pattern shirt to your outfit and pairing this with a nice pair of trousers and some formal but comfortable shoes.