Dressing for an adventure holiday

August 23, 2021 1:17 pm


Holiday season is upon us and whilst some people might be looking to escape to sunnier climates and enjoy relaxing days on the beach, others will be searching for the perfect adventure holiday. This might mean hiking across beautiful landscapes or taking part in extreme sports such as abseiling and white water rafting. Regardless of the activities you decide to take part in, there are a number of clothing items that you will want to make sure you take with you.

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Swimming clothes – if you plan on taking part in water activities packing swimming clothing is a great idea. This could include swimming costumes as well as scuba clothing and rash vests for water sports.

Hard wearing clothes – if you are going to be walking a lot on your holiday be sure to pack walking boots or shoes and some hard wearing clothes such as layered tops and walking trousers. Be sure to include hiking socks too, to help protect your feet.

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Casual clothes- after a long day of adrenaline fuelled activities you will want to relax in the evenings with your family and friends and enjoy the delights of the local cuisine. For this some stylish Superdry Menswear from places like EJ Menswear can be just the thing you are looking for.

Outerwear – with the weather being changeable in most countries and in some cases it being much colder in the evenings than it is during the day, you should take a variety of outerwear options with you. This could be jackets and fleeces as well as thicker coats. If you are visiting a country with a colder climate you might want to also pack scarfs, hats and gloves.