What is Social Care?

March 27, 2021 4:03 am


Social care is a field in which a person has to interact with communities, organisations, families and individuals in order to meet their needs. It may be providing aid or assistance in any form to people who are in need, either physically or socially. It may be providing care and assistance in areas where health and medical services are not otherwise available to people. The focus is on the full integration of the person and their needs into mainstream society.

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As part of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), the National Council for Social Care (NCSC) is an independent board that is accountable for the care provided by local social care services in England. In England & Wales, it is a non-clinical body. The key roles played by social care are an essential element to assisting older people, often those with disabilities or limited mobility. In addition, social care might also involve work in care management and implementing strategies to ensure people get the maximum care possible in their area. For information on a Care Jobs Gloucester, visit Take five healthcare

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How is this different from medical care? Although both involve providing a level of healthcare to a particular individual or group of people, there is a big difference in the type and level of care provided. Medical care – while primarily dealing with the symptoms of a disease – generally deals with long-term conditions. Social care – while generally dealing with the person’s basic needs – provides a support system to assist in the longer term care of those in need.