Creating Extra Space in your Home

June 15, 2020 1:15 pm


Whilst many of us have all been stuck at home for the last few months, we may have come to the realisation that we just don’t have enough room in our home! If your family and all the belongings are getting under your feet, there are a few great ways that you can add some extra storage space to your home and enjoy a more harmonious and clutter free household!

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Add a home extension – adding an extension to your home doesn’t have to be costly and adds value too. Plan it carefully and think about what sort of space you want to create, also thing about fixtures and fittings if you need water, as well as things like aluminium radiators, and electrical wiring.

If you have a cupboard under the stairs, are you making the most of it? How about using it as an additional utility room? You will be surprised what you can get into an under-stair’s cupboard with a bit of careful planning. If you are working from home, it is also a great place to put a small computer desk and just out of the way so you can concentrate!

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If you have space under your windows, adding in some window seats with lifting tops is a great way to add a bit of storage space to a room as well as extra seating! Perfect in a living room or playroom as a handy toy storage area!

In children’s rooms, toys, books and games can quickly get out of control. A perfect solution to this is a bed with storage underneath. Some have tall cupboards and even desk space so kids can complete homework, and they take up not more room than a normal bed.