Summer Central Heating Tips

June 30, 2022 12:23 pm


In the summer, we can enjoy the warmer weather, and have much less need for our boiler. But what should you do with your boiler and heating at this time of the year? Here are a few ideas…

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Turning off your radiators in the summer is a good idea, as you can keep your house cool without needing to switch off the boiler fully. This will enable you to keep the radiators on in some of the rooms if you wish to – for example, if you need to keep the bathroom warm and you tend to keep towels on the radiator you can still do this, whilst keeping the rest of the house cool. You could also check your radiators at this time of year to ensure that they are heating up properly. If not, or only some parts of them are getting warm, they most likely need bleeding, which is easy to do yourself.

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The summer is a great time to get your boiler repaired or replaced. If you are worried that it is on its last legs, you have been having some problems with it, or you want to upgrade to a more modern, and more energy efficient boiler, this is the time to go for it. Make sure that you get a trained professional like this boiler repair Cheltenham based company to do this for you, as tampering with boilers and central heating when you are not fully qualified to do so can be incredibly dangerous.

Some people turn their boiler off completely in the summer, especially if they have the older style ones which have a pilot light constantly on. However, this can cause problems when you need to get hot water from your tap. If you have a combi boiler, switch it to hot water only and then you will not have heating, but you will still be able to get hot water from your boiler through your taps. Turning off the boiler completely can cause more problems, as parts could stop working if it is not used for a long time, so regularly switching it back on is something to do if you decide to turn it off for the summer.