Tips For Optimising Blog Posts

September 1, 2021 2:03 pm


The basic tips are that it is always worth using targeted keywords on your posts and it is essential to include targeted keywords in titles, headers and in the body of the article. It is also important to use these keywords in links to your site. There are a number of software programmes that can help you to achieve this if you are so inclined and it is worth trying to get hold of such a programme so as to be able to concentrate on optimising blog posts and not spend valuable time doing the wrong thing. For advice on SEO Belfast, go to Ryco, a leading SEO Belfast firm.

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Another of the tips for optimising blog posts is that it is important not to make them too long and to keep them concise. The length should be kept to around 500 words, as this will be the minimum that most search engines will allow a blog post to be. If the length is more than this then you may find that the search engines will punish you. You don’t want your blog to be penalised!

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One of the most important tips for optimising blog posts is to make sure that they are interesting. If you make your posts repetitive or redundant, you will find that they will not be read and even if you do have a link to your site in the body of the post, chances are that the reader will not click through to your website. In fact the likelihood is that they will not read any of the text at all! If you include some interesting facts, some entertainment or some useful new knowledge, then your blog may well be read and enjoyed and you will enjoy the results as well.