What are CSV files?

May 11, 2020 9:11 pm


CSV or Comma Separated Value files have been a way to transfer data from one system to another by simply placing a comma between each section of data. They allow for the contents of each cell to be kept exactly how it was in the original whilst allowing it to be moved to a different format.

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CSV files can be created in almost any platform as they are what is known as plain text documents One of the downfalls of transferring information from a spreadsheet CSV is that all of the data will be preserved and transferred but any formulas that have been used won’t. This means that you will need to add the formulas in afterwards. If you have a PDF document that you want to transfer to an excel spreadsheet you can simply use a PDF to Excel converter rather than needing to create a CSV file. These converters will show you How to convert pdf to excel and take away the technical conversion algorithms by doing this automatically for you.

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One of the important things to remember is that a comma will denote a separate piece of data in a CSV so if you have a single cell that contains a full address with a comma between each section this will be treated as separate pieces of data. You need to think carefully about how you want the data to turn out.