For rent: one Hobbit Hole for a year.

May 2, 2020 2:48 pm


Although he was a bit rushed when it came time to leave, if Gandalf and the Dwarves of Thorin and company had given Bilbo Baggins a bit of time he could have rented out Bag End for a year before setting off for the Lonely Mountain and Smaug.

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Whilst he did return with a nice suit of armour, a lot of gold (and a certain ring that would prove to be important later) if he’d had a tenant in at Bag End he would not have come back to find all his stuff being sold and the Sackville-Baggins trying to claim it from him. It would have given him a nice bit of earnings too.

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Although they didn’t have mobile phones in Middle Earth it would have been nice to have a Property Inventory App to use when documenting the state of Bag End. Looking at the film and reading the description in Tolkien’s seminal work it seems that there was quite a lot of furnishing and nick nacks in the place. If Frodo had left the ring when he went away, it would have probably made the phone explode when the poor inventory clerk came to record it.