How to Enjoy a ‘Holiday’ in your own Back Garden

June 17, 2020 10:35 am


If you are stuck at home and feeling a little bored, you like many other brits may be thinking of spending a bit of time and money making the most of your garden. All over the country, people have been pruning roses, painting fences and getting people in such as tree surgeon Bournemouth based Kieran Boyland in to cut back all those overgrown trees. For many of us this year, the closets we are going to get to soaking up any sunshine will be in our garden – so what are the things that can make your garden a really great place to enjoy during these strange times?

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Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs are becoming increasingly popular – if you have the room, why not think about adding a pool or a hot tub? Relaxing by the pool is one of the best bits of a holiday, or if you prefer a late-night dip, why not go for a hot tub?

Garden bars are a great idea and you don’t have to have huge amounts of room to make yourself a really great garden bar. In fact, a small cosy bar can add a nice atmosphere to your garden and decorated with strings of solar lights can give the garden an authentic holiday vibe.

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Another nice addition to the garden is a built-in barbeque. During the beautiful summer weather, there is nothing better than a barbeque, and having a special area and all the right tools can only make it better!