What are the common cloud security concerns you need to address?

June 30, 2020 4:00 pm


Cloud based systems and data is the only way forward. But you need to be careful about cloud security. There are up to four major cloud security concerns given below. Protective measures to secure your piece of cloud are similar to the measures used in common IT systems.

Data Breach

As the cloud is still a relatively new system, it is not 100% secure yet. However, it is important to take whatever measures you can to prevent data breaches. It is observed that some companies are only using the cloud storage without providing suitable physical backups. Therefore, it is important to use physical backups to prevent data breaches. For IT Support Cheltenham, visit a site like Reform IT, suppliers of IT Support Cheltenham

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Exploiting Technology

Many companies store their private data in the cloud. The nature of secured data depends on the type of the company. For example, some companies will keep the personal information of employees, some will keep health records, and other may keep credit card information. This type of information is always in the radar of hackers that can misuse the cloud technology for their gains.


Malware is considered the most threatening among the security concerns faced by the cloud systems. Cloud systems are commonly manipulated using a malware injection. In case of Malware injection, a fake code is designed to bypass any firewall for the protection of the cloud system.

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Data Loss

Data loss is relatively common in cloud systems. There are two reasons for data loss; first is human error and 2nd is bad weather events. To prevent data loss, it is important to have physical backup storage.